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Is Best Nannies a Full Service Nanny Agency?

No. Best Nannies is not an agency. We are an employment website featuring job openings for live in caregiver positions as well as resumes of candidates seeking jobs as a live in caregiver or nanny.


How much will I have to pay for Best Nannie's service?

During the launch (Beta phase) of the website, there will be no charges for use of the service.


How are the nannies and caregivers featured on the website screened?

All of the candidates listed on Best Nannies are primarily Filipinos currently working in Hong Kong as domestic helpers (nannies, housekeepers). There are currently over 150,000 Filipino Nationals working in Hong Kong making it the largest source for qualified caregivers and nannies.

Consultants in our Hong Kong office meet with every individual listed on the website and conduct an extensive one on one interview to ensure they meet the conditions for entrance into Canada under the Live in Caregiver Program. Most other similar services cannot match this level of scrutiny and due diligence.

Here are some of the things we go through with each of the candidates;

  1. One on one interview with each candidate
  2. Verification of all documents (visa, education transcripts,…)
  3. Ensure that each candidate has the minimum work experience
  4. Ensure that each candidate has the minimum education
  5. Each candidate must pass an English proficiency test
  6. Candidates can undergo a Professional Background screening service (optional)

How do I contact a caregiver listed on the website?

Best Nannies does not stand between you and any of the candidates you wish to contact. Simply search our database, create your shortlist of those candidates matching your requirements and send them a private message through the website. When the caregiver receives your message and are interested in the opportunity they will reply back to you directly. If you chose to you can then set up a telephone or Skype Video interview (recommended) with any of the nannies you have shortlisted.

Important Note Regarding Skype Video Interviews: Hong Kong is one of the most wired cities in the world with some of the fastest internet speeds. In our experience technically difficulties have typically originated from the employers side in Canada. Most problems have been associated with;

  1. Poor/slow internet connection
  2. Use of a tablet device over wifi
  3. Use of a laptop over wifi

It is our recommendation that should you conduct video interviews you should whenever possible make sure you use a computer or laptop and it is plugged directly into your router.


What are the best days to set up interviews with nannies and caregivers?

Typically domestic helpers (as they are referred to in Hong Kong) have Sunday’s as their day off. It is therefore recommended that you work around their schedule as in many cases helpers are not permitted or simply do not have the time to take calls during their work week. Remember the time difference between Hong Kong and your city. For example, Toronto is 12/13hrs behind Hong Kong.


I have never hired anyone before let alone a caregiver or nanny. What sort of questions should I ask prospective candidates?

Good question. Hiring is a difficult and asking the right questions is important. Here are some questions you can ask during the interview. One thing to keep in mind is that for many candidates moving to Canada is an incredibly big event and nerves may get the better of them during the interview process. It has been our experience that many candidates perform better during 2nd interviews!

  1. Ask for references.
  2. Has the candidate taken any first aid or related courses? If so make sure to find out when and with whom. If they haven’t taken any courses it would be good to find out what they know about basic first aid.
  3. What is their favourite type of food or particular recipe? Be sure to ask them to walk through the steps of preparing the dish.
  4. Is she married? Although this information is provided in their profile it is a good topic to discuss as it will have some potential bearing on their skills and decisions for wanting to be caregiver in Canada.
  5. Find out why they want to come to Canada? Many candidates will give a response like ‘a better life’ and this is acceptable however some responses might pleasantly surprise you!
  6. How would they discipline a child? f you are hiring for a nanny position you may want to run a few scenarios by them regarding the disciplinary actions for when children act up.

What are the expected salaries for nannies and caregivers?

Salary usually starts at the minimum wage, however employers should give more for highly qualified caregivers.The minimum wages for nannies and caregivers vary province to province. To determine the minimum wages for your province please click on Live in Caregiver Wages by Province.


Should I get health insurance for my caregiver?

Effective April 1st, 2010 employers are responsible to acquire health insurance for the caregiver until such time they become eligible for provincial health coverage. The waiting time for this is approximately 3 months.


How long does it take to process the work permit for a live in caregiver?

Processing times vary by the Visa Office issuing the visa. In Hong Kong the current processing time is 5 months. Employers are responsible for first obtaining a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). For more information on how to apply for an LMIA we recommend you visit the Employment and Social Development Canada website.


What sort of hours and types of work can I expect a caregiver to provide?

As with any job it is important clearly set out the requirements of the position and so it should be no different when hiring a nanny or caregiver. Topics which should be covered during the interview process should include the duties of the position, wages, overtime, holidays and sick leave. Salaries should be in accordance with the minimum wages of the province where the caregiver will be employed.

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